I was happy again for once in my life. I was with that someone I’ve always been dreaming of. We were happy doing what we do – holding hands as we go. I even heard him say “We will never part again.” It was a moment of bliss for me. A moment I will truly cherish.

Then I awoke and felt the pain all over again.

It’s funny how dreams can affect our waking hours, knowing in our conscious minds that it’s never gonna truly happen – ever.

They say dreams are a reflection of our waking desires and longings. They may be the memories of our unsettled relationships, unfulfilled achievements or unmet hopes. It may even be the foretelling of that something we are anticipating to happen. Or the conception of that something we want to do in the future.

I awoke that moment, dreading the pain my consciousness would bring upon remembering the past in my present moment.  It was as if it happened just yesterday. The rejection, the pain, the humiliation, the well-organized chaos in life – I wanted to cry my heart out again.

But when reality strikes, I know the present matters most now than what the past has rendered me. I can’t let it seize hold of my life again no matter how hard it strikes in my subconscious mind.

Sometimes, dreams are there not to haunt us, but to remind us how we need to treasure our present experiences – regardless of how hard it is to accept the past.

Yes, that’s how harmless dreams can indeed hurt.


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