Some Words to Live By

When I was a child, I would hide in my room to write in my small journal the daily activities that occur on that day. I would hide that notebook deep into my closet so no one would read it but me. It was a sacred thing. My emotions as I ineptly described was transcribed in that journal that I didn’t want to share with anyone.

As I grew older, as life unfurled itself to me, I began to write less – doing so only in the time of my deepest emotional turmoil. And as my collection of melodramatic compositions grew, a shift of perception happened within me. My words turned to me as a reminder of what I should have done, and what lessons I could use from my mistakes. The words slowly became tools of enlightenment to a life I should be leading.

I fumbled across my piles of dusty notebooks and found one that combines emotional blunder and impeccable truths that struck the chords of my heart at the moment of writing.

These words helped me through an episode of hard nights and consoled my wounded heart during waking hours. And I hope these quotes will not only bring comfort to you but also remind you that there is hope as long as you live and that ‘what doesn’t kill you only you makes you stronger.’

“Sometimes the biggest Happiness in life comes from change. “

Amidst life’s many choices, God’s way shines the brightest

“Change is good!”

Faith, Hope and Love.

Big Surprises comes in Small Packages.

“She designed the life she deserves.”

Sometimes it takes only one person to appreciate you, to make you feel important and useful in this world.

If you don’t know what your passion is yet, just continue what you’re doing at the moment. At the end of the road, you will look back and realize that everything you have gone through leads to that very place you’ve always dreamt to be.

All businesses come from God. Do everything with Love. Do not forget to be grateful.

GOD=LOVE. Love is the center of all goodness.

Who we are – depends on how we know God.


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