The Sunday Currently | 1

To pay homage to Chrystina Noel’s  list of verbs to use on a ‘Currently’ blogs posts, here are my own experiences from the words I’ve picked out. Hopefully, this could shed some more light on who I am and what’s in my heart on a regular day, in a very casual way.


Was just done reading God’s Not Dead 2 a novelization by Travis Thrasher of the movie with the same name. Now, I’m planning on finishing Girl Online: On Tour by Zoella Sugg.

I’m planning to do an alternating genre switch between Christian fiction and Mainstream commercial Fiction, just to keep myself updated.


This blog post.


Half listening, half watching to the movie playing, right now it’s The Green Room. I know, I’m not really watching because it’s not really my type of movie. Although, Imoogen Potts is still the bomb.


About him coming over here. It’s almost  5 days to go from now. And he’ll be here.


About how I haven’t been thankful enough for the good life I’m living.


I could get out this house and travel with him again.


His coming. And Traveling with him.


Still on my Sunday dress.


The way he messages me through FB regularly without a miss, even when he’s so busy. If he did miss, it’s always with a good valid reason.


Something to eat.


Sleep. Coz it’s past 12 am now.

Here’s the link for The Sunday Currently linkup.

What about you? What’s your ‘currently’ right now? Leave your link in the comment box below so I could check it out too. I would so love to hear from you!

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