Love At First Sight?

I’ve always wondered how and why people tick. How at some point of their lives they just happen to click with each other. Looking afar, it’s a relatively normal thing, but if you look within, there is really so much going on in a persons heart and mind when this happens.

I was in that room full of my schoolmates, student whom I even barely notice when he came prancing into the classroom.

I immediately saw his grim face, focused on the task at hand. His mouth was set in a ready stance to instruct us on what to do next. The glint in his eyes reflected the assuredness of what he was about to do.

I stared at that eyes of his as he informed me of something I had to do. I was observing as his eyes seemed to change colors as he moved, turning from opaque hazel-brown to a pair of clear glassy gaze.

It was fascinating and remarkably exciting looking into his eyes at that time that I totally missed what he was saying. For what seemed like a minute to forever, I was so fixated on him that  I eventually ended up just nodding away to whatever it was he asked me to do.

I turned away, feeling embarrassed for what I just did and felt.

As far as I’m concerned, it was the very first serious attraction I’ve had towards someone of the opposite sex. It was an exhilarating experience. Something I never thought would happen to me.

Sadly, though, whatever relationship or sensation I’ve had with him, has all disappeared and it makes me wonder now if this magnetic field of emotions between opposite sexes is the beginning of a true relationship.

I’ve seen couples who ended up together only after they’ve known each other for a very long time and there are some who have only met a very short period of time yet they feel like they’ve known each other for so long already.

Is there a particular chemical reaction that is happening within a person’s brain when this fateful attraction reels in? Why is it that our hearts beat a little faster when we are so captivated with another person?

And on a different note, does the first attraction actually bears any connection to our future bond with that special someone? Or does it just signify a lustful affection to someone that will eventually dissipate over time? Does ‘love-at-first’ really exist?

What’s your side on this topic? Leave me a comment below and let’s discuss.

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6 thoughts on “Love At First Sight?

  1. Interesting post. I think there’s a big difference between physical attraction and that intense intimacy you get once you know someone. I think love at first does exist but this is our chemical and instinctive reaction to someone and being in love comes later..

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    1. being in love comes later… i totally agree with that. you said it so right!

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  2. The same situation is happening with me. He is my Maths teacher and I can’t resist my emotions for him. In fact, with much daring, I confessed my feelings to him and I thought that he is gonna screw me up but instead, he said me that he too has somewhat “same” feelings for me. Now, we use to talk on call, but still figuring out that is it just infatuation or a “real” feeling…
    And at last, we say “LET THE TIME DECIDE”… 😛 😀
    So, looking at our condition we can say that “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” do exist…

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    1. I hope you two will go steady in the future… lets prove that love at first sight do exist.;) thanks for dropping by!😀

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      1. for sure…
        let’s do it ❤ ^_^

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