Today marks the 24th day I’ve been writing daily. So far I’ve only had one missed day, which was pretty reasonable since I’d been busy on that day.

They say it only takes 21 days to form a habit, and I am so happy to finally make in on the 24th day! I wasn’t actually testing this theory but to be honest, every night, I started looking forward to going to bed – the time I usually write out my daily post.

The main reason I started blogging daily is to keep up the habit of writing day-to-day, to flex my writing skills and be able to write in many different formats that I want without worry of external criticisms. Just plain writing for fun.

Even though I haven’t reached a full month yet, I’m shocked at myself at being about to achieve this number of posts in less than a month – more than I could ever do in my formal blog site.

I really had no idea where this would end up or what doing this could do to me, but as it turned out, writing/blogging actually gave me an emotional outlet that I’ve never realized I’ve needed. Being an introvert person, there has been so much pent up emotions within – and by writing everyday, it helped channel all that emotions out in plain view, so nothing remains hidden anymore. Slowly by slowly, I’m starting to get all those emotional baggage out that I’ve been carried for so long and I really felt the weight of my heart getting lighter each day.

It’s fascinating if you come to think of it. In my current lifestyle, the only people I meet on a daily basis is my family and my church mates. Being at home all the time, doing the hobbies that I love the most, and even doing much of my work here, gives me more time to ponder about those essential things. Those things that are never seen yet matters most in one’s life. And that gives me something to write about. I also started noticing little things life that I’ve never given much attention before. It did bring out the curiosity that I need to challenge the writer within me.

And I love it.

I don’t know how long I can continue this. However, all I know is doing this makes me happy at the moment. Even if no one else is reading this but me, nothing changes all of that.


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