To give an over of why and how this series started, check out my first blog entry in this series here.


Scanning The Essential Edge pages – Young Living’s  official newsletter. Skimming blogs over the internet the interests me.

And, of course, my currently novel-read right now, which is Girl Online: On Tour.


This blog post. And trying to figure how to finish a product review I’m doing on my formal blog.


Piano in the Background – a playlist I found on Spotify, that is really soothing to the brain and makes writing and focusing really easier.


About how I would react if I meet him in just two days. TWO more freaking days!! He’s still Baguio – up in the mountains so he could give a quick visit with his relatives there.


About how much I’ve been anticipating to see him and how now, I could really think of nothing but of how I would react when I see him. Should I hug him? Give him a quick kiss on the cheek? I don’t know. All I know is that I’m becoming more and more grateful for him, for making me giddy with anticipation again.


To be Tuesday now so I could finally get to see him!


His coming and our family trip with him.


Night wear.  I’m in bed – about to fall asleep.


The way I feel when I get absent-minded again – thinking of possible things we could do together. It takes me back to those childish wishful thinkings I used to have. This time, it’s totally different. It’s totally real. It’s totally priceless.


Get up tomorrow and sew more so I could get my head of him of awhile.



Here’s the link for The Sunday Currently linkup.

What about you? What’s your ‘currently’ right now? Leave your link in the comment box below so I could check it out too. I would so love to hear from you!


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