Struggles of Long-Distance Relationship

He just left.

I can still feel the touch of his skin against mine and the soft nudge of his kiss on my lips as he bade me goodbye on the airport that day. All the numbness in the world seemed to envelop me as I  impassively face the truth that he will be gone again for a long time.

It was just hours earlier when he gingerly approached my dad to ask my hand in marriage. It was a moment we both have been waiting for, anticipating my dad’s yes or no. My hun went into the car with him, looking forward to talking to him in private about the things he plans for me and us.

It was with a pounding heart when I eventually heard my dad asking me to learn how iron clothes, to cook and all the domestic stuff like that – a way of letting all of us know that he agrees with the proposal for marriage.

I couldn’t believe where my life is heading into now. A life I only dreamt about just days before. I couldn’t wait to get back to the house and start planning the anticipated event.

But I could still feel his mighty hug, his gentle kiss, his tender touch, and even though I know my life is about to change, I only wish he could stay right here, right now to hold me till I fall asleep.


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