Reflecting on things, trying out new planners, and answering queries to clarify what I want to do and to be this year, I stumble upon a common question that seems to stick to me today.

What are the challenges and lessons that you learned the past year that you can use to make your life a little better this year?

Well, as I ponder and try to answer that, I came to the conclusion that the main thing I learned last year is learning to let go of my life and let God take control of it, especially in the area of love.

As a human being, we all have this innate longing to find that someone we deem is perfect for us. We tend to choose based on our feelings and emotions, regardless of what people think of whom we love. We try so hard to escape the challenges it connotes just to be with that special someone whom we know will truly make us happy.

I have nothing against that. Because sometimes it works, but sometimes it does not. And that was exactly what happened to me.

I think no matter how we see it and no matter who we treat this topic, God still has the final say on who we end up with. He places that invisible cord of love around the hearts of two complete strangers and after some mysterious moments, the two will fall in love and start a new life together.

It just so incredible to ponder upon.  This thing called LOVE is an exhaustible topic to be talking about. How much more complicated can it be to be talking about the matters of the Heart?

What about you? What are the questions that stick in your mind and heart today that will aid your decisions in the near future?


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