Is there a moment in your life that you’ve had to deal with someone close who starts to get so annoying and starts to become someone totally different?

I remember that time when I had a friend who was so close to me. We seemed to have the same interest and the same likes in most areas. We seemed to respond alike to some situations. We even went into the same company and worked there for some time. She even stayed in my house for a few months and she knows me well somehow. Others think we will be totally inseparable because our interests were mostly the same.

But years went by and I started getting annoyed by her reactions. She started to be someone who vies for attention. She began imitating my style, buying stuff that I would personally like. She became someone who others might call a ‘social climber’. And it was becoming unbearable for me. For some time, she became this sort of allergic reaction to me that needs so much medication to go away.

I didn’t tell her what I felt but I slowly drifted away from her. It helped a lot that she moved to a different town. And even got married and had a couple of kids. Our interests now are completely different.

We still communicate online now and again, and for some moment, I felt like I missed our bonding moments.

Was it just a matter of growing up and growing apart, or did I personally change into someone else instead of her?

All I know right now is that we’re both in a good place and I’m happy with what we both have right now.

Have you ever been in the same kind of situation? If so, how did you get over it? I would love to know what happened.


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