This past week I have been doing a lot of stopping and reflecting on what I want to do and be this next whole year. I’m so glad I did because so far, I have done a few things I couldn’t do before.

For one thing, I have already completed one week of my daily gratitude journaling. Even though its only for one week so far, I can totally feel the sense of accomplishment at that because I was never the person who would stick to one routine.

Secondly, I have already completed one of my daily scripture writing, which is one more thing that I’m really proud to have done.

When I say stepping and reflect, what I meant to say is – so much writing. The gratitude journal, the scripture writing, the daily blogging, as well the answering of inquisitive questions on my various planners that help me analyze my goals, all require writing out and forming out words.

In other words, writing is becoming more easier now for me than before because of those pensive questions I need to answer. It brings you down to the bottom of yourself and shows you want you really want in life and what you really want to be.

Sometimes, we all go through the overwhelming choices in life and we get drowned in the many options this world has to offer. The deafening sounds of adverts and the dizzying conundrum happening in our head with the choices we have to make can make us really annoyed with life instead of enjoying it.

Taking a step back, assessing what we currently have and giving time to reflect on what we really want in life, can bring us so much clarity to what is really going on inside us. It’s a very simple yet overlooked way of bringing us to our desired goal and aspirations. Like a funnel that makes everything fit inside a tiny bottle, reflecting breaks down into pieces the general ideas going through our head, turning them into doable actions and tasks.

That’s what I’ve been doing the past week and so far it’s working out for me.

What about you? Have you taken some time to reflect before conquering the next whole new year? I want to you your thoughts about it in the comment section below.


5 thoughts on “Why You May Need To Step Back and Reflect

  1. I haven’t really got the time to reflect deeply on this year but there have been fleeting thoughts. I thought that I sucked at journaling my thoughts regularly because I cannot stick to the routine, but I have been surprisingly good at it for a few days now. BTW your blog inspires me! ❤

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    1. I promise I am one of this persons who sucked at routines but doing it for me and not for someone else really helped refocus my motives. So keep it up soo youll find that routine that works for you. Im glad this blog inspires you..;) Thanks for dropping by. 😀


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