In light of the previous entry I posted, another thing that I keep on pondering upon at the start of the new year is thought of forgiveness.

Have I done enough forgiveness of the past to help me focus on the peaceful beautiful life that lies ahead? Have I forgiven, in my heart, the people who have wronged me in the past so that I no longer have the heavy burden on me every time I see them? Have I really let go of the hurts and buried them into forgetfulness and is now willing to look them in the eyes without any anger or malice hidden beneath my gaze?

It’s pretty tough, I must admit. Even until now, almost a decade past The Unfortunate Mishap still could feel the pang of hurt and hatred to the people who have done me wrong. But with God’s help and with the good people around me, I am able to go through my daily life remembering only the good and not the bad.

This new year, I’ll try my hardest to put the good more on my thoughts rather than the bad. I want to be able to live on to the future, harboring more beautiful thoughts than the ugly one. I want to be remembered as an optimistic person rather than a bitter old lady as the days past. I want to be able to carve a peaceful future for myself and the people around me rather than an environment littered with hate.

Hopefully, all of us will, too. Because ultimately, forgiveness is one key to live a good life.


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